Detailed inside inspections
Checking for ants, spiders, mice and rats in the attic
Pest Control
Protecting You and the One's You Love
  1. Perimeter Treatment
    Perimeter Treatment
    Creating a barrier outside will limit unwanted pest from entering you home.
  2. Interior Treatment
    Interior Treatment
    Knowing where the pest hide and harbor is half the battle.
  3. Bed Bug Control
    Bed bugs can be a thing of the past. We use the latest chemicals to safely treat your house.
  4. Rodent Control
    Rodent Control
    Like the relitive that wont leave they eat your food and mess up your house.
  5. Roach Control
    Roach Control
    They quickly get out of hand but using multiple techniques we can control them almost as quick.
  6. General Pest Control
    General Pest Control
    Control for most pest including but not limited to Ants - Spiders - Beetles – Crickets - Silverfish - mice - Rats
Our Services
At Hero Pest Control, it's not just a job but a desire to help you with your pest control needs. With the dangerous diseases and venomous pest we have all around us they can be more than just annoying. Having a trusted pest control service with a pest control plan tailored to your need can bring you peace of mind. No matter the pest we strive to be the best.